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Using Cash Flow Forecasting When Things Get Tough

When times are tough for a business, no better management tool exists than a cash flow forecast.

Factoring: Instant Cash for Your Business

Sell accounts receivables in exchange for immediate cash.

Property & Casualty Insurance

Disaster Insurance vs. Property Insurance: What's the Difference?

If you own a business, insurance coverage is critical. But how do you choose the right policies without duplicating coverage or -- worse --...

Using Income Statement Ratio Analysis to Stay on Track

Savvy entrepreneurs do ratio analysis each month.

Overview of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable for Small Business

If you give credit to your customers, you have to track your accounts receivable, managing and collecting the money owed to your business by your...

Managing Inventory to Improve Cash Flow

Maximizing the performance of your inventory can be help you obtain "best in class" management processes. Here are some metrics that are used to...

Increase Profitability and Customer Satisfaction by Effectively Managing Your Inventory

Following inventory management processes that manufacturers have developed can help other businesses get control of this tricky area.

Energy & Environment

Seven Easy Tech Tricks for Going Green at Work

Think outside the box with these cool, eco-friendly ideas.

How to Survive Data Backup Nightmares

What are your options if a computer dies with your precious data locked inside?

Environmental & Wildlife Organizations

The Business of Helping Animals in Need

The director of the Kirshner Wildlife Foundation is dedicated to saving animals and educating the community.


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