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What's a Business Credit Profile?

Your business credit profile contains information that other businesses use when deciding whether to do business with you and on what terms.

Banking, Lending & Credit Services

Business Credit Myths vs. Reality

You may not know just how important your credit profile is to your business's success. Don't let these common myths lead you astray.

Personal Finance

Employee Stock Ownership Plans vs. Employee Stock Purchase Plans

Employee stock ownership plans and employee stock purchase plans represent two popular employee benefit options. As a business owner, you'll have...

Banking, Lending & Credit Services

How to Accept Credit Cards Online

In the old days, to accept credit cards you needed a merchant account through a bank. But now there are a number of services that will let you...

Personal Finance

Cleaning Up Your Credit Record

Before cleaning up your credit record, you should understand how the system works.

Banking, Lending & Credit Services

Loans for Business Owners with Poor Credit

If you have a checkered credit history, big banks won't be your best bet for funding your business.

Financial Markets & Investing

Common Stock vs. Preferred Stock

Here are some of the key differences between two common types of stock and the implications for how each type is used.

Banking, Lending & Credit Services

Tips from the Loan Officer’s Side of the Desk

Here are some tips that will help you navigate the application process when applying for a loan.

Banking & Finance Overview

How to Keep Your Line of Credit Operating Smoothly

There are a number of ways to stay in your bank's good graces and avoid having to scramble to replace a line of credit.

Banking, Lending & Credit Services

Requirements for Secure Credit Card Transactions

If your business processes credit card payments, you will be required to comply with new security standards.


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