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Ten Things to Avoid When Hiring Administrative Support Staff

Finding a great support staff takes time, patience, and sometimes a lot of faith. Here are 10 things to avoid when hiring.


Your Financial Information Is Your Business's Lifeblood

Accurate and timely bookkeeping is critical to your success. And, if you're the business owner, it's a complete waste of your time.

Human Resources & Personnel Management

The Benefits of Employee Self-Reviews

Employee self-reviews are a new and viable alternative to the traditional performance review and are becoming more and more prevalent.

Human Resources & Personnel Management

Control Costs by Using a Professional Employment Organization

A PEO manages all your employee-related functions, including taxes and payroll, very cost-effectively, freeing you to focus on your business.

Human Resources & Personnel Management

Performance Reviews: A Guide for Managers

When conducting employee performance reviews, use these simple but effective tactics to help minimize your employees' anxiety and ensure reviews...

Human Resources & Personnel Management

Office Management Basics

Six basic areas to focus on when trying to successfully manage an office of any size.

Human Resources & Personnel Management

Top 10 Management Mistakes

Managers come from different walks of life, possess various characteristics, and have their own philosophies regarding how to manage a business...

Human Resources & Personnel Management

Top 10 Employee Handbook Mistakes

All businesses with employees can benefit from having an employee handbook, but only if they avoid these common mistakes.

Compensation & Benefits

What Employee Benefits Are Mandatory?

Believe it or not, the only legally required benefit employers are obligated to maintain is workers' compensation insurance or to be self-insured.

Compensation & Benefits

Should My Company Have an Employee Handbook?

Maintaining good employee policies helps you in the event that an unhappy employee sues you or makes a complaint to a governmental entity.


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