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Tax Law

10 Tax Saving Tips

Here are some basic tips for saving on your taxes.

Intellectual Property Law

Do I Need an Attorney to File a Trademark Application?

It is now easier than ever to register a trademark without an attorney. Practically everything can be done online. The wealth of information on...

Tax Law

How to Avoid Tax Debt

Although the IRS can be intimidating, it's the source of all tax information and the best place to turn as soon as you fall behind.

Banking Law

Update Your Credit Knowledge

It is a mistake to look at technology first and then try to apply it to your business. Learn how to determine your business needs before you buy,...

Consumer Law

Reviewing Your Credit Report: Get the Facts Straight

It is up to consumers to monitor and dispute information that is not accurate on their credit reports.

Consumer Law

How Small Businesses Can Comply with Advertising Laws

If you're a seasoned employee who's worked for an extended period of time at the same company, you may sense that it's time to move up. Maybe...

Tax Law

Self-Employment Tax Concerns

If you're totally bewildered by the tax and payroll logistics of self-employment, here's some advice for someone just starting out.

Commercial Law

Are There Common Legal Problems Businesses Should Avoid?

Small businesses make legal mistakes all the time -- some of which can be disastrous and difficult to recover from.

Tax Law

Understanding Capital Gains Taxes

So what are capital gains taxes?

Legal Services

Finding a Good Business Lawyer

Read our guide to choosing a professional and capable lawyer who is right for your legal needs.


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