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Libyan airstrikes target group attacking oil portsLibyan forces say they have carried out airstrikes against a militia attacking key oil ports in the east
The Associated Press1 hour ago
Israel arrests former government minister for Iran spyingIsrael's internal security agency is accusing a former government minister of spying for archenemy Iran. The Shin Bet says Gonen Segev was arrested upon arrival in Israel a month ago
The Associated Press4 minutes ago
Syria says US-led strike hits troops in east, US deniesSyrian state TV is reporting that the U.S.-led coalition has struck a military position in the country's east, leaving several troops dead and wounded, allegations denied by a U.S. official
The Associated Press2 hours ago
Israeli bill seeks to ban photographing soldiersAn Israeli ministerial committee has proposed legislation that seeks to outlaw photographing Israeli soldiers "for the sake of shaming them," drawing accusations from rights groups that the government is trying to censor legitimate criticism
The Associated Press4 hours ago
Abbas aide slams reported US plans to raise funds for GazaPalestinian official condemns reported Trump administration plan to secure Gulf funding for major economic projects in blockaded, impoverished Gaza
The Associated Press4 hours ago
Emirati Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash speaks to journalists in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Monday, June 18, 2018. The UAE is part of a Saudi-led coalition fighting against Shiite rebels for control of Yemen's port city of Hodeida. Gargash said Monday that the battle for Hodeida is aimed at forcing the country’s Shiite rebels into negotiating an end to a yearslong war. (AP Photo/Jon Gambrell)
UAE's campaign for Yemen port city a test of 'Little Sparta'UAE's campaign for Yemen port city of Hodeida a major test of militarily muscular Gulf nation known as 'Little Sparta'
The Associated Press5 hours ago
Palestinian dies after being wounded near Gaza-Israel borderA Palestinian man died in unclear circumstances near the Israel-Gaza border on Monday, hours after Israel and Hamas traded salvoes over Palestinian incendiary kites
The Associated Press6 hours ago
Rebels shell village in central Yemen, killing 8 civiliansWitnesses say Yemen's Houthi rebels have shelled a village in the center of the country, killing at least eight civilians and wounding 15
The Associated Press8 hours ago
Iran hangs Sufi over killing of 3 policemenIran has executed a member of a Sufi order who rammed a bus into police as they tried to disperse a rally, killing three of them
The Associated Press10 hours ago
Jewish artifacts disappear from Damascus in fog of Syria warJewish artifacts, including ancient parchment torahs from one of the world's oldest synagogues, have disappeared from the Syrian capital amid the tumult of civil war, with some precious items reportedly surfacing abroad
The Associated Press13 hours ago
US-led coalition hits Syrian army post, causing casualtiesSyrian state TV says the U.S.-led coalition has struck a military position in the east, leaving several troops dead and wounded
The Associated Press13 hours ago
Libya's NOC says oil storage damaged in attack on key portsLibya's National Oil Corporation says an armed group opposed to Libya's self-styled national army has attacked key oil port terminals "significantly" damaging at least one storage tank
The Associated Press1 day ago
Israel strikes launchers of burning kites from Gaza StripThe Israeli military says its aircraft have struck a vehicle belonging to someone who sends burning kites into Israel from Gaza
The Associated Press1 day ago
Israel extends detention of female Palestinian lawmakerIsrael says it has extended the detention of a female Palestinian lawmaker held without charge over the past year for an additional four months
The Associated Press1 day ago
This still image taken from video provided by Arab 24 shows Saudi-led forces fighting to retake the international airport of Yemen's rebel-held port city of Hodeida from the Shiite Houthi rebels Saturday, June 16, 2018.  With battles raging at the southern side of al-Hodeida International Airport, the military of Yemen's exiled government said it had entirely seized the facility, and that engineers were working to clear mines from nearby areas just south of the city of some 600,000 people on the Red Sea.  (Arab 24 via AP)
Witnesses: Coalition strikes airport in Yemen's HodeidaWitnesses say the Saudi-led coalition has carried out airstrikes on the airport in Yemen's rebel-held port city of Hodeida
The Associated Press1 day ago
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